Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap)

Did you know that the terms Supplement & Medigap refer to the same type of plan? Yup, they do! Medicare calls them Medigap and the insurance companies call them Supplement plans. But whatever you call them, they work as secondary coverage to Original Medicare. They help pay for some or all of the costs that Original Medicare does not. Older (and now retired) plans like J & F paid for all of what Medicare did not.Today, the most benefit rich plan is G, which requires you to pay the annual Part B deductible and then covers 100% of Medicare covered services when seeing Medicare approved providers.

Supplement plans are flexible to use as they allow you to see any Medicare approved providers in all 50 states, allowing you to obtain coverage wherever you happen to be. Some plans will also offer limited emergency benefits outside of the country when travelling. But review carefully and be sure to follow the rules. In Florida, your monthly premium will be based on: the plan you choose, your age when you enroll, gender, tobacco status and your zip code. If you are outside of a guaranteed enrollment period, the insurance company has the right to ask medical questions and you can be denied due to medical history.Many people are very surprised by this!

Medicare Supplement Plan

Some plans may be offered as “Select”, limiting the hospitals you may use in a non-emergency situation, in exchange for a lower premium. Some plans are offered as a high-deductible plan which can be very economical while still offering flexible coverage & a cap on medical expenses. Be sure to discuss with your insurance agent the different plans available and pick the one that will best suit your needs.

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